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About us

Our Story

TSUKIMI was founded with a holistic approach and simple objective: to solve your most common but complex oral care needs while educating & empowering you to make the most informed decisions related to oral care products.


Every business idea starts with a problem. Ours was simple. All brands selling oral tech products are charging too much and including lots of hidden terms and conditions, which is very frustrating for the customer.

It became clear that there was a simple explanation. There was a lack of correct information about oral care and its products, with many brands taking advantage and selling at higher prices just to cater to a specific social class. We knew change was needed and have started TSUKIMI to provide the necessary knowledge and premium quality products at affordable prices.

Why Us

Are you still having doubts about our products? Well, we would feel the same if we were in your place. Therefore, we will tell you why you should have no hesitation when choosing TSUKIMI oral care products.


Education – We have been observing closely that many brands are ripping off their customers with low-quality and ineffective products. For our customers' best interest, not only we teach them how to take care of their teeth, we educate them with oral care knowledge. We are also extremely transparent to our customers about each product we sell.


Quality – We do not compromise on quality with any of our products. We strive for excellence with every component, from the product materials to the sustainable packaging.


Affordability – All of our products are easily affordable. Unlike other brands, we believe in caring for all, not just a certain social class.


Dentist approved – Our products are always approved by the dentist.


Eco-friendly – We not only care about teeth but the external environment as well. Therefore, we use eco-friendly packaging for all our products. Mother earth needs our protection!


Donation – Whenever you buy a product, you are helping someone in need. We donate 10% of the profit from each sale to charity.

What we do

99% of oral care brands provide tech-oriented oral products at premium pricing, making it unattainable for most customers. But, we provide the most advanced, highest-quality and environmentally friendly products at reasonable prices, leaving a substantial amount of money in the customer's wallet.


Our target is not to sell you another product but to add value and meaning to your experience.

TSUKIMI takes its inspiration from our customer's feedback and always strives for excellence. So, we always offer you the best selection of oral care products because we believe in establishing long term relationships with our customers.

Thank you so much for choosing us. We hope you get the same satisfaction from using our products that we get offering them to you.

  • Flex with Your Smile
  • Never Before Seen Prices
  • Eco-friendly Community

One of our products core purposes is to enhance your appearance by refining and enhancing your teeth's natural colour. With a beautiful smile you will exude confidence in any social setting. Next time you go to a social gathering, you won't need to worry about hiding your smile, but will instead want to flex, with an ever-lasting smile made possible by our products.

Our highly professional team of experts have years of experience making effective oral products, and we’re so confident in their quality that we personally guarantee their effectiveness.

With our in-house team and more than five years of experience in the industry, we sell our products at more affordable prices than you will find elsewhere.

This is because we believe that everyone has the right to enhance their appearance and feel confident.

TSUKIMI's team has been very serious and thoughtful about maintaining the cleanliness of the environment. It has been our priority from day one. Therefore, we pack our products in eco-friendly packaging, so the products do not become the source for spreading harmful chemicals into the surrounding environment.

True oral care can only be possible in a clean and green environment.


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